Circle for Hekate Vol.1

Circle for Hekate Vol. I by Sorita d’Este is now available in Avalonia Books!

In February 2016 I was commissioned to do a special illustration that would be use to describe an exercise as well as being featured in the cover of the book. Although I know the symbolism, not even I know the use or real meaning of the sigil, so we would have to wait for the next volume of to find out.



Saint Brieuc 2017

We had a great time in the Saint Brieuc tattoo convention and I was lucky to ended up fully booked the three days even if I was doing walk-ins. Merci to all the people who came and got tattooed!


Saint Brieuc Tattoo Convention

Exclusive Tattoos will be in the Saint Brieuc Salon du Tatuage (Brittany, France) again this year. Looking forward to it!


Redbubble & prints

This year I took part for the first time in the Inktober challenge, which I found a source of inspiration and a useful tool to discover and connect with other artists on instagram.

Soon I will have prints available with some of my favourites drawings from this project and they will be uploaded to my redbubble shop.

Looking forward to the next drawing challenge!