About Rosa Laguna

I was born in Southern Spain and I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember, always with a pencil and paper in my hands and drawing for members of my family and friends or temporarily “tattooing” them with a normal pen.

Rosa Laguna - Landscape Paintings Exhibition 2012
Landscape Paintings Exhibition 2012

I studied Art at college and then Fine Arts at the University of Seville, graduating (BA Honours equivalent in UK) in 2012 with the specialisation of Painting. Apart from taking commissions on portraits and icons, I took part in two group exhibitions and one solo, with my work featured in the poster for one of the group exhibitions and the Town Council Calendar.

 When I was at University, I started getting tattoos and becoming more and more interested in the tattoo world so I started a very short apprenticeship that carried on in London where I moved in 2013. After three years working in Cherry Blossom Tattoo, in London, I decided to moved to Somerset for love reasons and started working at Exclusive Tattoos in Street in 2016.

Rosa Laguna Tattooing - Photo by A.M. Photography.
Rosa Laguna  – Photo by A.M. Photography.

 Although in my first years in England I focused more on tattooing, I am now combining both arts and trying to find the balance between them.

I am passionate about the Occult. Magick and mystery are recurrent themes in my work, as well as the human figure and landscapes.